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Did you know that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words? Customers trust websites that have videos and are far more likely to purchase your products or services. The Internet Marketing Association will get you started quickly - harnessing the power of online videos.

Video Marketing Saved My Brick & Mortar Business in Nashville, TN


Dear Friend,

Paul M. Graden, Ph.D

Perhaps you are like me? I started a brick-and-mortar local business - a tutoring center based in the Nashville, TN area - in 2005. I paid over $5,000 for a website, just sure that customers would come pouring in! Imagine my disappointment when NOT A SINGLE POTENTIAL CUSTOMER CONTACTED ME.

Hello, I am Dr. Paul Graden and I learned the hard way that websites are great for providing information, but lacking in their ability to sell my products or services. I had to find another way or shut my doors.


So, I hired a marketing professional who rebranded my business, created a new landing page and set about using paid, online advertising to attract students to my website. While I got some traction this way, it was not enough to sustain the fees that I was being charged.

Maybe your experiences have been similar?

I ultimately concluded that I had to learn online marketing myself. I set about an 18-month journey, learning what worked and what didn't work. Lots of trial and error involved and more money on "courses" and "experts" that I care to admit to.

Boy was it expensive! But at the end of 18 months, things were starting to turn around. I had incredible traffic coming to my website and we were beginning to sign up new customers.


I Thought My Struggle Was Finally Coming to an End, and Then My Wife Called...


She had just finished submitting our payroll and we were close to being out of cash. Our business was too young to qualify for small business loans. We had run up our credit cards, as well as cashed out our life insurance policies and retirement accounts. Things were looking bleak and I only had a few months left to turn things around.

I sat down with my sales people and pressured them to get out of their comfort zones. I sent them to networking meetings, trade shows and anywhere else that potential customers may be.

We re-evaluated our sales approaches in an attempt to increase our closing rate.

But what we really needed was more sales prospects in the door...

Then I Discovered Video Marketing Really Worked in Tennessee and Kentucky, So I Tried Something New That Ended Up Keeping My Sales Force Hopping...


I sat down with my Sales Manager in our Nashville, TN office and we wrote down the questions most frequently asked by potential customers. Whittling the list down to 20, we started producing videos that answered those questions - my first video marketing campaign online.

Now the truth is that there is much more to it. According to clickbank.com, more video content is uploaded to the internet in one month than television has created in 30 years!

But after more trial-and-error, I discovered that video marketing is unique in its ability to rank in the search engines - once I followed some key strategies.

After a few weeks, the phone started to ring from all over Nashville, Middle Tennessee, Bowling Green and Southern Kentucky (within an hour's commute) and our email inquiries exploded. The next month was our best month ever and we never looked back. Finally, we were able to pay off those credit cards and begin to put some money away. We even started taking vacations, which really got our friends attention.

They were curious about the turnaround and wondered if I could help them produce similar results for their businesses. After helping a few friends, I saw the opportunity before me and founded the Internet Marketing Association in 2008. Today, our video marketing services have grown throughout Tennessee and Kentucky and our hub is in Springfield, TN.

Now, we work with select clientele, helping them draw new customers to their businesses. Perhaps you will become one of them? Here is how the Internet Marketing Association can help you...


Introducing ...

Why is video marketing so powerful?

  • Recent research shows that 71% of marketers say video conversion rates outperform other marketing content.
  • Video is the most powerful way to evoke emotions online. It offers a ton of advantages above and beyond other forms of internet marketing like: tone of voice, face expressions, and music, to name a few.

  • Evoking emotion in marketing has been proven to positively impact consumer decision-making, in just about any market.

  • 55% of people watch online videos every day!

Simply Stated, The Internet Marketing Association Produces Video Marketing Campaigns Specifically Designed To Solve Your Problems!


To get an idea how video marketing works online, please watch the short video that follows:


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More Video Marketing Facts To Consider For YOUR Local Business ...

  • Online video now accounts for 74% of all web traffic.
  • 65% of video viewer watch more than 3/4 of a video.
  • 33% of tablet owners watch a minimum of 1 hour of video per day.
  • 28% of smartphone users watch at least 1 video per day.
  • 78% of the population watches online video every week.
  • 52% of marketing professionals around the world cite video as having the best ROI.
  • And Many More ...

Video Marketing Through The Internet Marketing Association Will Drive More Customers To Your Business! You Will Love How Easy Video Marketing is to Generate New Customer Leads In Middle Tennessee or Southern Kentucky!


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Types Of Video Marketing Campaigns We Offer In TN And KY

These are just a few general ideas. Once we meet with you, a customized plan will be offered to suit your needs:

1. Many clients want to start off with a commercial. The Internet Marketing Association offers these type of commercials using professional spokespeople. We also create animated openings and closings to your videos to enhance your brand and professional appearance.

2. Testimonial videos are very powerful and bring a level credibility to your business that drives potential customers. We prefer to film these videos on site - at your business location. This is the type of campaign that the search engines love because there is new content every month.

3. You may remember my earlier story about the video marketing campaign I created for my tutoring center in Nashville, TN. These were based on answering customers frequently asked questions. This type of campaign is dynamic in that it attracts buyers who are already searching for what you offer.


What Our Customers Are Saying...

“We started with a video FAQ approach and quickly ranked high in the search engines for many search terms. Before long, the phone started ringing…”

Neil Osborn

“As a business that is service oriented, the Internet Marketing Association showed us how to approach our customers for video testimonials. This has been one of the most effective marketing approaches we have used to date…”

Becky Cooley

Unleash Even More Customer Growth By Combining Video Marketing With Social Media. Done Right, This Synergetic Approach Is Unstoppable!

  • 500 million people watch online video on Facebook alone every single day.
  • 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.
  • 82% of Twitter users watch videos on Twitter.
  • Snapchat users watch an astounding 10 billion videos per day,

Not only will we manage your video channels, but we can also manage your social media campaigns to enhance achieving your goals and dreams.

Don't Regret Your Inaction Tomorrow, Next Week, Month Or Year...

Contact Us Today For A Free Consulatation

The only reason that you read this far is that you need more customers. I feel your pain, as I have been there too. Unlike me, you don't have to suffer through the trial-and-error or the expensive education learning how to do all of this. Let us handle your video marketing campaign in Tennessee or Kentucky, so you can concentrate on what you do best - running your business.

In the meantime, if you haven't already taken advantage of this, please enter your information below and click the button to receive my 20-page lead generation report, "Video Marketing Secrets For Small Businesses" as well as my 8-part email course about the ins-and-outs of video marketing.



Paul M. Graden, Ph.D


Internet Marketing Association

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